Why I’m a vegetarianspiritual reasons 

I’m a vegetarian for various reasons: the environmental reason would probably be enough for me and animal cruelty is certainly an issue I care about.

The most important reason I’m a vegetarian is totally different however.
Basically I’m a vegetarian for spiritual reasons. Many Theosophists feel, like many people who do yoga, that eating meat just isn’t good for your spiritual development.

Eating meat is said to coarsen the aura: making a person more susceptible to aggression, strengthening the lower emotions.

This isn’t to say that only bad people eat meat. Nor that all vegetarians are saints. That would be foolish.
It is saying that if you want to be a better person, grow spiritually, becoming a vegetarian is one of the things to consider.

If it’s the only thing you do – it is obviously not going to help much. But combined with introspection, service to others, meditation perhaps – vegetarianism should be a help in changing your life.


Eating animals just isn’t good for the environment 

wasting space and energy

Sorry folks – eating animals is just a waste of space and energy. With global food shortage it is becoming very clear that this issue needs to be addressed.

It is really simple: if one acre of land is used to grow vegetables a lot more people can be fed with them, than if the same acre is used for grazing livestock. It’s just less efficient.

Eating fish is also a problem: fishing has become so easy through technology that many of the fish species people consume are in danger of becoming extinct.


Animal cruelty 

These days animals like pigs, chicken and cows just don’t live very natural lives. They are cramped together, often eating unnatural foods and kept alive with a lot of drugs.

Those of you who eat meat contribute to those problems, unless of course you eat organic meat.


So I ask you seriously why are you a vegan/vegetarian?