Also known as: hydrogenated tallow, tallow flakes, suet, dripping.
Commercial source: animal (cow- or sheep-derived).
Used in: shortening, cooking oil, cake mix.
Definition: An animal fat used to make baked goods light and fluffy or to reduce foam in yeast, beet sugar, or maple syrup production.

tartaric acid

Also known as: sodium tartrate, sodium potassium tartrate, Rochelle salts.
Commercial source: vegetable.
Exists in: many fruits, especially grapes.
Used in: frozen dairy products, jellies, food colorings, soft drinks, candy, preserves, baked goods, dried egg whites, pasteurized processed cheese, cheese food and cheese spread, baking powder.
Definition: A substance which adjusts acidity in many foods and beverages, or acts as a flavoring.

texturized vegetable protein

Also known as: TVP, textured soy flour, textured soy protein
Commercial source: vegetable.
Used in: meat analogs, imitation meats, dry mixes.
Definition: A processed soybean product in which the fat has been removed. It is commonly used as a meat analog.

Production information: Archer Daniels Midland Co., a manufacturer of TVP, reports that there are no animal products involved in the processing of it.


Commercial source: Typically vegetable or mineral.
Used in: meat analogs, imitation meats, dry mixes.
Examples: calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, glycerine, corn syrup, modified food starch.
Definition: Food additives which contribute to or preserve the desirable appearance or texture of foods.


Also known as: Vitamin B-1, thiamine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, thiamine mononitrite, thiamine.
Commercial source: Typically synthetic.
Exists in: whole grains, wheat germ, dry yeast, legumes, nuts, egg yolks, fruits, vegetables, some meats.
Used in: prepared breakfast cereals, peanut butter, baby cereals, enriched foods, frozen egg substitute, crackers, dietary supplements.
Definition: A B vitamin which is required for normal functioning of the nervous system and for the utilization of carbohydrates.
Typically Vegan

Production information: Schiff Products Inc., a manufacturer of thiamin, reports that their process is synthetic.

thiamin mononitrate

See thiamin.


Commercial source: animal (cow- or hog-derived).
Used in: cheese and cheese products.
Definition: A common digestive enzyme.


See turmeric.

turbinado sugar

Also known as: natural sugar, washed raw sugar.
Commercial source: vegetable.
Used in: confections, desserts.
Definition: Partially refined sugar which contains some molasses. It has not passed through a cow bone filter.


Commercial source: vegetable.
Used in: margarine, shortening, processed foods, bakery mixes, sausage casings, flavorings in condiments, soups, meats, relishes, and pickles.
Definition: A yellow food coloring and flavoring derived from an herb.


See texturized vegetable protein.


Also known as: L-tyrosine.
Commercial source: animal (poultry feathers).
Exists in: animals and plants.
Used as: dietary supplement.
Definition: An amino acid needed by humans which can be produced by the body.